Sunday, June 3, 2012

Introduction to the Choas

In some of Langston Hughes' writing he deals with the issue of Religion and often the reader will see that for most of his life he has conflicting views when it comes to religion. His views on it is like a roller coaster one minute he is for it the next he does not believe in it. Also, in his writing about religion he points out how people tends to "pimp" out God and how some people  make Him in their image of who they think He is and they make His teachings convenient and flexible enough to follow Him. Hughes was not afraid to voice his opinion when it comes to religion. Sometimes that would strike a nerve with some African Americans who uses religion as a way to escape the  oppression from the dominant culture. They often looked at religion as a beacon of hope of going to heaven and finally being free from oppression. The pieces that  I picked out  reflects not only his conflicting views of religion and his viewpoint of how society treats religion. Also, it will show you how the roller coaster effect takes place in his work. In these selected pieces you will see how his life experiences affects his views on religion and  the environment in which he was in can also have an affect to where  he stood when it comes to this topic. This was an interesting topic for me to do because I found it interesting that he questions a subject that people found part of their lives. Also, he was not afraid to challenge authority and he was not afraid to address his curiosity and concern about religion. While reading some of these texts I noticed that he brought a comedic feel to some of his writings but at the same time it made you think, 'why would the character make religion into something that would benefit them financially instead of spiritually?' Many people believe that Langston Hughes wrote some of his work about religion only to  throw people's faith under the bus and being disrespectful to their faith. I think what he is doing is writing about not only his upbringing in the church but what he has observed and his opinion about it. Also, in the article called "Tambourine to Glory" Loften Mitchell explained that, "Religion meant a lot to Langston. He and Richard Wright had been victims of the same kind of religious fundamentalism in their childhood. so they had expectations about religion that religion did not deliver, and they hated dishonesty in the church. This statement that is made by Mitchell makes Hughes an atheist. I do not think that he felt the church was dishonest I think they wanted a true faith, especially Langston; For example, in Hughes short story Salvation he talks about how his aunt told him when he accepts Christ into his heart something inside of him will be different. In this story when he is a boy he does not see Jesus like his aunt told him. Which is the beginning of him questioning religion and what folk his aunts' age are traditional.

Friday, May 18, 2012


I choose this story because Simple talks about race when it comes to religion he asks questions like was Adam and Eve white ? Hughes shows that some people in this world try to understand religion and they make it fit their mold. This was an interesting story because of Simple's logic of the bible is relatable because everyone aks questions about religion and they ask questions about the history behind it.

Simple and his Sins

This story that Hughes wrote show Simple sin which shows that he only cares about outward appearances instead of inward appearances. Also, Hughes shows that women in society are under a lot of pressure in order to look good and to keep his appearance. Hughes shows readers that it is only a matter of time for one's sins to be put in the light. The person tells Simple that his sins will one day come up for all to know.

Simple Prays a Prayer

I choose this story because it shows the character Simple using prayer as a way to get even with the Dominant culture. Also, it shows that Hughes talks about how people use religion in order to let bad things to happen to people. Also, in this story you see that the mysterious character starts asking questions like God wants people to treat other people right. I think what Hughes is pointing out that people abuses religion in order to not only get even with those that have done wrong with them but also they like to say one thing and do something different.


This poem shows shows Hughes believes in God and he realizes that life in this world does not last very long, and God is long and limitless. Another reason I choose this poem because it shows Hughes believes in God and that he is praising God for everything he has done. Also, when I saw the title  Tambourines what came to mind for me is the instructment that people use in the church during worship time.

Goodbye Christ

This poem is deep it shows telling God that people uses religion for their financial gain and He might as well just pack his bags and just leave. Also, Hughes is configuring Jesus as a prostitute and religious leaders are pimping Him out. After reading this poem it shows Hughes asserting his atheism views. Hughes has a moment of realization that society is held back because they have religion.


I selected this poem because it shows Hughes questioning how to get to heaven and you see him apologizing for everything he has done. Also, the reader see Hughes is very optimistic about going to heaven. After reading this poem I saw that Hughes is coming back to religion and we see him curious and wanting to know how a person goes to heaven. I found it interesting that he wanted to know how to get there because he went from I realize that I might be going to hell to how does one go to heaven despite what I have done n my life?